Europe is the Eldorado because…

  • Our brothers and sisters over there say it is hard but they stay nonetheless, not making any plan to return because the shame of returning would be unbearable, they think/say/feel.
  • Parents want their children to marry a white person
  • When a girl or a guy is walking down the street here with a white man or woman, you can see the envy emanating off bystanders
  • When people know you have come from Europe, they want to be your friend – who cares who you are deep down
  • When you choose to return, you are vilified by everyone, from parents, especially parents to everyone whom God gave a brain to, and that’s everyone
  • In bars, night-clubs, in the streets…, you are considered fashionable when you are wearing some non-descript “European” fashion as opposed to a beautiful piece made from batik or wax fabric (I know Wax is made in Holland)

So this is better                                              

  • Nobody cares when you tell them about the brain-deadening jobs most of our brothers and sisters do over there – who cares or intellectually stimulating when they can point out to the tomato picker from Italy who’s built a duplex
  • When you tell them the tomato picker is the exception and point out to the many who die out there, they accuse you of being jealous – you don’t want anyone to have the opportunity

So in the end, you keep quiet.  You don’t tell anyone anything.  Because when a person doesn’t want to hear you, you gotta do the wise thing and shut up.  In any case, what can you tell a person who tells you they want to go because they have no opportunity in their own country?  Yes, you could tell them they are lazy, and that would be the God-honest truth.  Many of the African youth eager to go to Europe are just plain lazy and opportunistic.  They would rather pay £1,000 at least, sometimes even £4,000 for the chance of a miserable life in Europe instead of setting themselves up in a little business in their own country.  On a continent where the informal sector is well-developed, there is simply no excuse to this rush to a so-called Eldorado.



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