Are Christians judgemental bigots?


The truth might redden the eyes but it doesn’t break them, an African proverb says.  And I do think that us Christians need to face the truth about ourselves.  I’m not saying we are judgemental bigots, nor am I saying we aren’t.  All I’m saying is that when a good number of people start pointing out a particular character flaw of yours, it is time to start looking in the mirror instead of always saying, “If they had spent time with Christians, they would know otherwise”, or, “Not all Christians are like that.”

Of course not, but it appears that every Christian is like that.  Let’s look at the whole homosexuality affair for instance.  Where is the virulence coming from?  Yep, the church.  Some churches in the West may be coating their virulence in sugary language of “The church is willing to welcome our brothers and sisters but we can’t let them continue in their sin.”  And you want to ask them, “And who erected you judge, brother/sister?”  In our African churches, there is no talk of welcoming anyone.  In any case, if you were homosexual (and I actually hate using that term because nobody should be limited to their sexuality), the look of hatred in our ministers’ eyes as they brandish their Bibles and quote from Leviticus that homosexuality is an abomination of the devil would be enough to scare you away.

Abomination of the devil or not, homosexuals are people, dearly loved by God, chosen by Him too.  And seeing that Jesus summed up the law – i.e. the 10 commandments and even the many rules contained in that book of Leviticus that is being used to bash anyone over the head with – as follows:

  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and body


  • Love your neighbour as yourself

The questions we must ask ourselves therefore as Christians are these:

Would God want and condone the way we behave towards homosexuals?  Would God condone the despicable attitude of reducing a human being to his/her sexuality?  Do we behave towards ourselves in a way so devoid of love?  And finally, what I do not comprehend with this virulence is this: when all is said and done, why do we care so much how someone is getting his/her sexual pleasures as long as no child or animal is involved and the sexual pleasure is on the basis of adult consent?

I personally think that the reason why many Christians are behaving in such a bigoted manner is because they are focusing on the imagined sexual practices that must happen in a homosexual relationship and are not focusing on the fact that whether heterosexual or homosexual, we are dealing with human beings who have emotions and who deserve to be understood and accepted as human beings, not as Black, White, Yellow, Disabled, Homosexual et j’en passe!


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